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    Product creator, including a new one under wraps!

    Hi, I'm Marj Weir

    Self employed in graphic design since 1989, a great background for other ventures. I created Fitware™, thinking it would be on the market within a few years, but life didn’t go as planned.


    After learning about lots of new things - patent filing, CAD art, focus groups, manufacturing, prototyping, plastics, shipping, customs, marketing, trade shows, product fulfillment and more, I decided to hand this off to an assignee to finish the job. They would finish the patent and license to a large company.


    While waiting, I started in real estate and opened a restaurant with my then husband. Real estate is successful and fun, but in the back of my mind I was really bothered that my product is still not on the shelf. And now I'm working on getting it manufactured.


    My passion is putting people together, to connect others, and I’d like to connect with you. If I can be of some assistance, drop me a line or make a call. Connect with me however it works for you - if you want a referral, home advice, or a resource that I can help with. If you have ideas for me, please feel free to reach out too!


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    Where my adventures have taken me

    LaBelle Real Estate Group


    Realtor from
    2007 - present


    Sail Away Cafe
    Dreamed up
    2008 - 2012

    Prep & Serve


    Product to make traveling and prepping food easy!


    Rehab Properties


    Before & afters of properties I've been involved with


    I'd love to talk creating, real estate, rehabs, recipes or other design dilemmas!



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